Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some Fraction Thinking?!!

On a blank piece of white paper please answer the following.

1. Fractions are relations-- the size or amount of the whole matters.

2. Fractions may represent division with a quotient less than 1.

3. With unit fractions , the greater the denominator the smaller the piece is.


david.8.16* said...

Mr. Harbeck, can you help . . us alot of people are asking about how to do this and im not sure either. What do you mean fractions are relations-- and stuff cause im stuck on number 1

Mr. H said...

Ola David. Nice question. The second part of the statement mentioned something about amounts. think back to what we have been talking about subs. That is enough of a clue. Thanks for commenting.Remember to use the chat box but leaving a comment goes to my mail.

''Romulo''8-16 said...

So do we just explain it on the paper we folded today in class or can we write as a comment?

Mr. H said...

I would love you to leave it as a comment but you need to do it on the piece of white paper right now. Sorry. We'll do more computer work later.

''Romulo''8-16 said...

Ok thanks