Thursday, May 1, 2008

Angel's Scribe

Algebra Test #1
For the first part of the test we had to write the following expressions in words..
  1. 3x+8 : Three times a number and eight
  2. 7x+5x : Seven times a number and five times a number
  3. 5(x+8) : Five times the sum of a number and eight
  4. 8-3x : Eight decreased three times a number
For the bottom of the first part of the test we had to write the following statements as algebraic expressions..
5. 9 centimeters less than three fourts of length x : 3/4x-9
6. Seven decreased by four times a number : 7-4n
7. 9 less than 3 times a number : 9-3x 8. four more than eight times a number : 8x+4

For the second part of the test we had to make a t-chart, graph and figure out the algebraic equation for the following problem ..
This is my T-chartThe patter : x = Figure number, Starting with one going up by one.
y = Number of tiles, starting with four and adding three each time.

Here is my Graph

How to get the answer
  • x=Figure number
  • y=Number of tiles
  • The algebraic equation is 3x+7

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x0x - EmilyyD said...

Good Job Angel on explain the Test we had ahha i like how you used pictures too .