Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kenny's Scribe Post

January 11.2008 Kenny's Test Scribe

Today we had a Test. We had to do 6 addtion and subtraction fraction questions.

I had to do the question 4/5 + 9/15 for this scribe post. I used common denominator

fractions to answer the question.

For this question i used the common denominator 15 because both 15 and 5 go into 15. Then i
just put 9/15 + 12/15 which was 21/15. I turned that fraction into 1 and 6/15. After that i reduced
it into 1 2/5. And that was my final answer.
I used Common Denominators to do this test because i thought it was the easiest way even
though you could of used the clock,money or double number line strategy.
-- Kenny"ispogi"

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