Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kiahna's Scribe Post

Algebra Problem Solving!!
1. Mr. Enigma said, five less then one fourth of my age is 12 how old is Mr. Enigma?
Mr Enigma is 68 years old. Let x=his age
we are going to make x=1 becasue you can do that. they answer is

+5 +5
(4)x/4 17(4)
x= 68

2. Suppose you have $40 and you earn $7 per hour. How many hours must you work untill you have $131?
You would have to 28 work hours
-40 -40
7x/7 91/7

3. Valley video charges a $15 annual fee plus $3 per movie for rentals. Last year, Jennifer spent $99 at the store. How many movies did she rent?
She rented 99 movies?
-15 -15
3x/3 84/3

5.Suppose you are salesperson for Quark Compuer Company. Each month you earn $500 plus one sixth of your sales. What amount must you sell this month to earn $3000?
The amount he would have to sell was 15000.
-500 -500
(6) x/6 2,500(6)
x= 15,000
6. For lunch Dregg had a hamburger and potato chips. The hamburger had 325 calories and each chip had 12 calories. If the meal had 541 calories, how many chips did Dregg eat?
He ate 18 chips.
-325 325
12x/12 216/12


Drea said...

Great scribe Kiahna! You have alot of useful information. You explained all the problems really well. Great job!

x0x - EmilyyD said...

Great Job on the scribe Kiahna .
You have a lot of information and you explained all the proublems great that it was clear to me and i could understand it! GREAT JOB KIAHNA (: