Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vicky's Third Scribe

Today in class, I volunteered to do a scribe post for this month on algebra test number 2.
This is what the Algebra Test 2 looks like.
Algebra Test 2
Write the following expressions in words.
1. 2x-9 = two times a number decreased by (less, reduce, take away, etc.) nine.
2. 10-4x = ten decreased by (reduce, and decreased ONLY) four times a number.
3. 5 (x-8) = a number less (decreased, take away, etc.) than eight times five.
4. 7(x+5) = a number plus (increased, and, sum of, etc.) five times seven

Write the following statements as algebraic expressions
5. 6 centimeters more than two thirds of lenth x = 2/3 n + 6cm
6. three times the sum of a number and two = 3 (n+2)
7. nine decreased by two times a number = 9-2n
8. four less than five times a number = 5n-4

The following graph shows the first four terms of a pattern.

A) Create a chart that shows the first 10 terms of the pattern.

B) Write the algebraic expression for the relationship between the hours spent walking and the number of kilometers walked.
4n - 1
y is km walked
x is hours
C) Using your algebraic expression, determine how far they could walk after 50 hours.
4 x 50 huors - 1 = 199 km
Done!~ Teehee!~


x0x - EmilyyD said...

Great Job Vicky

marina816 said...

You always make excellent scribe posts! Keep up the good work!