Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jonah's Pythagoras Growing Post

Part 1:
Describe what a Pythagorean Triple is and use your perfect square chart from 1 squared to 10 squared to find another one other than 3,4,5.
This a PERFECT SQUARE CHART it will help you to find a Pythagorean Triple:
In a right angle triangle, there are 3 sides. They are A and B (which are legs) and C (which is a hypotenuse). The Pythagorean Theorem states that a + b = c. ( Leg + Leg =Hypotenuse).
Part 2:
Using embeddable web 2.0, describe how to find the missing side of a Right Triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem, show how to solve both for a missing leg and the hypotenuse.

Part 3:
Explain how to solve a Pythagoras word problem. Use one of the examples we covered in class (Worksheet A, B, LeFrog or Bonus Problem).
First we circle all the numbers in the problem and underline all the important facts. It help us since if we put it all together then it will make more sense, by just picking out what is important. Then we draw a diagram of the question with all the information we gathered in the right places.
Once we have drawn the diagram we can answer the question.

Part 4:
Now that you have seen many Pythagorean problems, create your own word problem.

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marina816 said...


awsome job on your growing post !I like how you made your own problem the one with Laura. Its really creative & different because most people are doing the one where things get stuck one walls. I also like how you explained your math work its really easy to understand !