Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kierra's Scribepost.// March 11/2008

Kierra's Scribepost.//
Today in class we
started a new unit thingy called Pythagoras.
In this unit we start off with circles and 90 degree angels. We wrote everthing in our blue foldables:

-A circle equals 360 degrees

-A circle split into quadrants, each angle equaled 90 degrees

-In a right triangle the square points to the hypotenuse, shown in the picture. The hypotenuse is always labelled c and it's legs are labelled a + b

-In many cases the right angle will have it's legs labelled a + b and the hypotenuse is always labelled c

-Here is the picture of a rectangle with 2 right triangles in it. Since the area of the rectangle is a x b, the area of the right triangles inside is 1/2 of (a x b) e.g if the area is 12 then the area of the triangle is 6... this will lead us to our theorem

-So the area of a square would be a x a which would equal a (squared)

The Pythagorean Theorem:
The pythagorean theorem states that the legs a + b and the hypotenuse obey the following theorem: a (squared) + b (squared) = c (squared)

That was pretty much it :) 


Robby 8-16 said...

good idea taking pictures instead of drawing them all, saved you a lot of time. good work!

Mr. H said...

Nice Job Kierra. I like how you used your camera to take pictures. While this seems like an easy way out you really explained what each was about. You could have worked in Mesopotamia as a scribe;-)

david.8.16* said...

Great job, exactly like the paper...thing haha. Anyone could look at this and know what they missed! Great Scribe!!! =]

Jonah8-16 said...

Good Job! I really understand how oyu put it. Nice idea of taking pictures instead of making them in paint. It is easier to see what you did. GREAT JOB!

=)EmilyDeSousa~x0x0~ said...

Good job kierra;
i like how you used pictures to show the work we than just words! good workk.

Danica16 said...

good work

Vicky-8-16 said...

Excellent work, Kierra!
I havent seen any mistakes. The pictures are very nice, and organize. But the picture could be a little bit more clear. Other than that, great job!

Drea said...

Good job on your scribe!

kiahna 8-16 said...

Good Job