Friday, March 14, 2008

Marina's Pythagoras Growing Post

Pythagorean Triple

Part 1:

The Pythagorean theorem states that the two legs are both ( a & b ) and the hypotenous is ( c ). The pythagorean triple is when you have three oerfect squares and you add two of the perfect squares ( the legs a & b ) together and then when you add them together you get another perfect square.

a squared + b squared = c squared !!

○ Perfect Square Chart

This shows what the number equals when its squared. using perfect squares !

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Part 2: Find The Missing Side

Part 3: Le Frog
- Le Frog stands 1.5 m from the wall where a fly is 2 m high. If the frogs tongue comes out of his mouth 70 cm from the ground, how far does his tongue have to stretch to trap and eat the fly?

Part 4: My own math problem with " Pon & Zi "!

Then !?!....
I dont think i did it right though but my anwser was that the ladder needed to be 6.4 metres long so that pon could save zi...!
( maybe i should do another one but better ) ?!?


Vicky-8-16 said...

Wow Marina! Great Job! The perfect square chart is great! I like how you show your work, and explain what you did. =D

-- jasmineS; ☺ said...

hello marina. -__-. :)

i like the part 2 thingy its easy to understand, but your not quite done part four. ☺