Monday, March 17, 2008

Jonah's Scribe Post

Today in class we were told to take out a piece of paper and copy what was on the board. It was a picture of a right angle triangle. We were supposed to find out the missing side we had 6 minutes to do it. The triangle looked like this:
We didn't know until the middle of working that what we were doing was a test. When we were done we had to mark it. To get full marks we had to have shown all of our work which included all of these things:

After we did the test we did something else in our blue Pythagoras booklet. We watched a scene of the movie Flushed Away and Mr. Jerema made it into a word problem. He drew a picture of a frog and we had to find out what was the missing side. But instead of looking at a picture we had a word problem. It looked like this:

The word problem was:
Le Frog (the name of the frog) stands 1.5 m from the wall where a fly is 2 m high. If the frogs tongue comes out of his mouth 70 cm from the ground, how far does his tongue have to stretch to trap and eat the fly? We used the pythagorean theorem to solve the missing side, since the side that was missing was the hypotenuse.
a + b = c
1.3 (x 1.3) + 1.5 (x 1.5) = c
1.69 + 2.25 = c
c 2 = 3.94
c = 1.98

This is what we did in class. Sorry if I missed something. But I don't think I did. So...don't forget to do your Pythagoras Growing Post if you haven't started it yet.


Megan8-16 said...

LOL!!! A FROG!! AHA! THATS AWESOME JONAH! XD! lol and great job on the scribe! very understandable and my, what an attractive frog u have!! XD lol, great job jonah!

Drea said...

Good job on your scribe! I like the frog picture! Your pictures were very clear and easy to undertsand. If I missed a day in class I would know what to do! Great job!

Danica16 said...

nice job jonah, I think you did a great, great job. I think the frog picture is FUNNY

mizz ngo 8-16 said...

ROFL!! Pimpin frog you got there xP I like how you included the right trangle in the picture of le frog.


LMAO!! LE FROG that greaat scribe jonah lots of information :) very understanable too! your scribe is grreeaaatt (like tony the tiger from that kellogs commercial ) lol :)

kiahna 8-16 said...

Great Job Jonah!
I love how you put a picture of Le Frog haha! there is alot of information and it is very well done!

Robby 8-16 said...

Good job Jonah, I like how realistic your frog looks. did you google it?
anyway, great scribe post.

Nathaniel 8-16 said...

haha nice frog, good job on scribe