Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vina's Pythagoras Growing Post

The Pythagorean Triple

When you add two perfect squares together (a square + b square) you get another perfect square (a square+b square=c square).
The legs or L shape of the right triangle is a and the hypotenuse is c.

Perfect Square Chart

In the perfect square chart 3 squared + 4 squared = 5 squared because... 3 squared in the perfect square chart is 9, 4 squared is 16 and 5 squared is 25. When you add 9 + 16 it equals to 25.
Another one is 6 squared - 36 + 8 squared-64 = 10 squared-100.

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1 comment:

marina816 said...

hey vina !

- i think you did a very good job on your growing post & i like that you showed your work in pictures and not just words because for me math with pictures & good explaining is easier for me to understand !