Thursday, November 22, 2007

David's Scribepost

The test that we did on Wednesday November 21, 2007.

The question! was just like the one where we needed to make the label for the Maria's Puppy Kibble.

It said that Betty wanted to make new containers for her snack mix. Her original size was 2 2/5 cup containers. They had 1 1/5 of spicy shreddies, 4/5 of peanuts, and 2/5 of pretzels, for $3.60. The question was to make new labels for her new containers of 12 cups and 1 cup, and to label the ingredients, the amount of the ingredients, and the price of the package.

The Strategy! I used to find out how much shreddies, peanuts and pretzels were in each container was the ratio tables where what ever you did to one side, you do to the other.

The Work!

As you can see on the ratio table, I found out what 12 cups was first. To get 12 cups I turned 2 2/5 into 12 by multiplying it by 5. then multiplied the rest by 5 to make them equal proportions. THEN, I divided the answer for 12 cups, by 12 to get it to one (and the other stuff because whatever you do to one side of a ratio table you do to the other). Now that we have one, we can turn that into anything! So i divided it again, but this time by 2 because 2 parts of 1 is a half. Then i just filled in the information that we got here, into the label! Just like that easy marks =]


Sorry i didn't do this yesterday, but i fell asleep . . . Yeah.


spmath said...

Great post David. Good use of pictures to show the ratio table at work. Thank you for being the scribe.


Jonah8-16 said...

Good job explaining! I understand it now.

Danica16 said...
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Danica16 said...

nice job on explaining it itr is almost like what i did

kiahna 8-16 said...

good job david it is easier to understand now.

Drea said...

Good Job David! I like how you explained your work and it was easy to understand. I understand it now!