Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vina's Scribe

Today and yesterday we were in groups of 2, we were trying to figure out if Mark and Rachel ran more than last year. I figured it out by dividing the total miles (26) to total water stations (8) which = 3.2 then i times 3.2 to 5 = 16. So now i know mark ran 15 miles. Then i divided total miles (26) to total flags (12) = 2.2 then i multiplied 2.2 to 7 = 15.4 then i rounded 15.4 = 15. I also now know that mark ran further than Rachel. I figured out if the fourth water station is the half of the course by looking at the map.


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"JorDer 8-16 said...

YAYYY! you told me to comment.. so yeahhhhhh - comment -
;P good job on your first scribe
*clap clap*