Monday, April 14, 2008

Chantel's bob

How to find the area of a rectangular prism.

1st: find the area of the top and the area of the bottom. LxW.
2nd: find the area of the front and back. HxL=
3rd: find the area of the left side and right side. HxW=

Ex. if H=11

F&&B;; 11x5+11x5= 110cm2
LS&&RS;; 11x2+11x2= 44 cm2
T&&B;; 5x2+5x2=20cm2

Then add the answers together.
100cm2+ 44cm2 + 20cm2
= 174cm2

Find the volume of the rectangular prism:

for this you just go length x width x height

H= 5cm
L= 3cm
W= 2cm

5 x 3 x 2= 30cm2

That's all

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