Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Everything I Know
 About Rectangular Prisms:
In class we learned how to find the surface area/ volume/ & net of squares and rectangular prisms.
A net is a picture of a 3 dimensional object flattened out so you are able to view all sides n one dimension.
The yellow shaded parts in the picture reps. the sides of the rectangle. The black shaded parts represent the top and bottom of the object and the blue shaded areas rep. the back and front. These colors also rep. that they are the same measurements. (e.g the yellow shaded areas are both 5 cm ) this will help you to find the surface area and volume later on.
Surface Area:
To find the surface area of a rectangular prism if you find the area of each side on the net all you would have to do is add up each side and get the surface area of a rectangular prism.
( 8 + 8 + 12 + 12 +10 + 10= 60 cm (squared) )
When finding the volume of a rectangular prism all you have to do is : Length X Width X Height ]  measurements.
As you can see all of these problems are easy to solve when you ahve a net and the measurements of the object.

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