Sunday, April 13, 2008

David's Scribepost

On April 10th 2008, we learned how to get the Volume of a cube or rectangular prism.

We found the volume of the cubes / rectangular prisms that we had as our nets on the pink sheet. We're suposed to have this done and so we can hand it in on Friday, April 11th.

So what we did was cut out the shapes of the nets we made, but then this time instead of glueing it flat on the paper, we made an extra flap so we could tape it together, and turn it into a cube that we could fold up or down when we needed to.

Now that, that was done, we did the actual work to figure out what the volume is.

There are two ways we could figure out the volume, one was multiply all of the measurments of the cube or rectangular prism. By that I mean Length x Width x Height, not the cm squared but how many cm it was on the side of the cube or rectangular prism. If the cube had a 3cm length, 3cm width, and a 3cm height, then we could do 3cm x 3cm x 3cm = 27cm cubed (we use a little 3 to represent cubed and we use it to know we're talking about something in 3 dimensions).

You could do the same thing with a rectangular prism except you would have different numbers for the legnth, width, and height. Another thing we could do is Base x Height, your base is usualy the width x length. This solution is a little different though, you can represent it in a different way. But you would find out what the base is first, so usuing the cube again, it would have a base of 9cm squared, multiplying that by the height (3cm) would get us our volume of 27cm cubed. It would look something like this if you wanted to draw it out.

The pink sheets are due so I hope you get all of this on your sheets!

Hope you Finnish....


Drea said...

good job David! Your information was very clear to read and understand. Your scribe was supposed to be done earlier!!!! Good hob though!

kiahna 8-16 said...

great job on your scribe