Thursday, April 24, 2008

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What I Know About Rectangular Prisms ;
A rectangular prism is a 3d object that has length, width and height.

When its flattened it is called a Net. A net is just how you look at the prism when you open it all up. The net helps you get the surface area.

l= length
h= height
w= width

To get the surface area you can find the area of all the parts (top, bottom, front, back, left side and r side) then add them all up. The easier way is to use formulas.
The formula for top and bottom is: LxWx2.
The formula for front and back is: LxHx2.
The formula for the two sides is: WxHx2.

After you find the area for those you add them all after. After you add them you have you're surface area. The surface area is usually cm² or something².

Another thing I learned was to get the volume. The volume for formula is LxWxH or BxH. The B stands for Base and the H stands for Height.

The volume is usually something³
For examples look at my scribe post

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