Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tasha's Scribe Post

Today in class, our job was to to make "nets" for 3D shapes. We drew the nets on grid paper so the shapes can be accurate in square centimeters, we also had to label them. After we cut them out we glued them in out math notebook to solve.

Below are few of the shapes I did:


Finish colour-coding shapes, and label them. Put them in your math notebook.

( counts as marks :] )


Danica16 said...

good job tasha it really helped me

marina816 said...

great job on your scribe tasha but when i read the 2nd question u did it confused me because i did it wrong. but yours helped me understand how to do it so ya...good job

Drea said...

good job Tasha! Your work is very organized and easy to read. You explained your pictures really we'll.

=)EmilyDeSousa~x0x0~ said...

Good Job .
Yourr scribe really helped me on the math work !
good job.

kiahna 8-16 said...

Great Post Tasha!
It is very well done and it helped me out!

vina8-16 said...

it was easy to understand and very neat!! :D