Monday, April 14, 2008

Derrick's Bob

to find the surface area you will need:

Area of top and bottom : 2(L x W)

Area of front and back : 2(H x L)

Area of both sides : 2(H x W)

Surface Area = 2(L x W) + 2(H x L) + 2(H x W)

A net will help you find the
height, length, and width of the
Prism easily.

example of how it should look:

to find the volume of this cube you will have to follow this simple step:

L x W x H -
5cm² x 5cm² x 5cm²=
125cm² = volume of the cube

Another step you can try is base times height:
( 25cm² ) x 5cm² = 125cm²

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