Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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What do I know about Rectangular Prisms?

I have learned about length, width and height of a rectangular prism.
I have also learned that you can open it up to make it flat. It is called a net! Each side still is the length, width, and height.

To find the surface area you have to add up all the sides squared.
If you had a 2x2x3 prism, you would have to multiply..


LxHx2 is the front and back of the prism.
LxWx2 is the top and the bottom of the prism
HxWx2 is the left side and right side of the prism.

After you add it up you should have the surface area.
To find the Volume of a rectangular prism, you can just do Length x Width x Height!
Volume is how many cubed (insert measurement here example cm) can fit inside the prism.

If the length = 2cm
width = 2cm
height = 3cm

You would do 2cm x 2cm x 3cm to get the volume
The volume would be 12cm cubed.

Ps: hooray 200th post!

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