Monday, December 3, 2007

Angel's 2nd Growing post

Question 1: What strategies were needed?
- The strategy i used was the ratio table to find the price and snack mix.

Question 2 : How did you use the strategies?
- I used the ratio table to seperate stuff so its easier and more organized.

Question 3 : How would you use these strategies?

- I only used on strategy which was the ratio table but so far thats the only thing i know how to do but theres definetly more strategies that will work.

Question 4 : How could you figure out the price of a 6 cup bag of Betty's Snack Mix?
- I used a ratio table.

5. Find 3 other values (amounts of Snack Mix) that could be solved using the same ratio table. Find the $ of your new container sizes.

Question 2

2. 6/5 - 11/10= The strategy I used was the money because you can make 6/5 into 1.20 cents and 11/10 to 1.10 cents and all I had to do was subtract 1.20 to 1.10.

3. 3/5 + 2/7 =The strategy I used for this was the number line out of 35 and 2/7 out of 35 is 10 and 3/5 out of 35 is 21 and all i had to do was add that.

5. 5/6 - 1/4 =The strategy I used for this was the numberline out of 12 and 5/6 out of 12 is ten and 1/4 is seven.

1. 2/3 + 1/4 + 2/5 = The strategy I used for this was the clock because 2/3 is 40minutes 1/4 is 15minutes 2/5 is 24minutes.

Extra: 4. 1/6+1/9 is 5/18 = The strategy I used for this was the number line. It was out of 18 and 1/6 out of 18, 1/9 out of 18 is 2 and it equals 5/18 together.



Which group gets the largest portion of pizza?
- Group four gets the largent portion of pizza because it's closer to 1.
What strategies did you use to finding your answers?
- I used the clock and ratio table strategy to find out the answer.

Marking Rubric For your second Growing Post

Growing Post Question 1 Betty's Snack Mix Total (13/15)
Answers all questions 5/5
Quality of Answers 8/10

Growing Post Question 2 (8/10)
Embeds the voicethread after question 1/1
Creates the Voicethread to answer Question 1/1
Add Comments to further elaborate on the strategies used 1/4
Math work is correct in the voicethread 4/4
Bonus marks for any person doing more than 4 questions 1/2

Growing Post Question 3 (9.5/14 marks)
Uses Pictures or a voicethread to answer the question 3.5/3.5
Explains the 7 strategies using 7/8 and 11/12 6/7
Comments on the voicethread ()

Question 4 Sharing Pizza's (12/15)
Clearly shows How much pizza does each student get in the different groups? 4/4
Shows which group gets the largest portion of Pizza 2/2
Show how you found your answer in 2 different ways. 4/4
What strategies did you use in finding your answer. Student must show strategy and explain how it was used.2/2
Added comments on voicethread or added detail to explanations 0/3

Total Math Work (42.5 marks)

Formatting (21/21 Marks)

Proper title 2/2
Proper labels 3/3
Only one post and no drafts left in dashboard 2/2
Questions are in the proper order 4/4
Post looks pleasing 10/10

Pictures are lined up, text is left justified etc
The post looks professional and not piecemeal.

Completing Self Evaluation and leaving a comment (10/10 Marks)
Completing 2 Peer Evaluations Leaving comments on the Growing Post and Voicethreads (20/20 marks) 10 marks per student

Total Marks for Growing Post ( /105 Marks)

I had some confusion but I understood everytime I answered the questions and looked over my work. I think I did a pretty good job of understanding and keeping things neat.I'm DONEEE.

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