Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tyler's Second Growing Post

Tyler's 2ND Growing Post

Question 1 Use this picture and reflect on your the puppy kibble test.
What strategies were needed?

How did you use these strategies?
Or How could you of used these strategies.
How would you figure out the price of a 6 cup bag of Betty's Snack mix? Use a ratio table
Find 3 other values (amounts of Snack Mix) that could be solved using the same ratio table. Find the $$ of your new container sizes.

Question 2You are going to create a voicethread explaining the strategies you used on your test. You need to choose 4 out of the 6 questions.1. 2/3 + 1/4 + 2/5 =2. 6/5 - 11/10=3. 3/5 + 2/7 =4. 1/6/+1/9 =5. 5/6 - 1/4 =6. 3 3/5 - 1 4/5 =I recommend the following. Choose your 4 questions. On plain pieces of white paper redo them like you did on your test. Make sure your drawings are large enough. Take a picture of them and save them to your desktop. Upload these images to voicethread and embed your voicethread into your blog.At voicethread you need to describe what you did to solve the problems. How did you use clocks, money etc to solve the questions. You need a minimum of 2 comments on each picture.Here is a video explaining how to make a voicethead and embed it into your post. You should have both of these questions done by the end of the weekend.Wednesday December 53.)

Here is your 3rd growing post question.Today in class we reviewed the 6 strategies from the RACE Investigation. They were
Fractions show operations
Ratio Tables (Proportional Reasoning)
Partial Products or the Distributive Property
The Whole Matters
Friendly FractionsCreate a voicethread or write and use pictures to describe how you would uses those strategies to explain how far the two students would have run if Mark ran 7/8 and Rachel ran 11/12 of the RACE course.4.

Your last question deals with pizza. You need to explain which group gets the largest portion of pizza. All student groups get the same sized pizzas. It is up to you to cut them up so that they are shared equally.

Group 1 Sally Bob, Gidget and Biff Share 3 pizzas.

Each person gets 3/4 slices of a pizza

Group 2 Stan, Holly, Barry, Ben and Ichkabibble share 4 pizzas.
each person gets 4/5 slices of a pizza

Group 3 Eric, Susy,James, Betty, Veronica and Moose share 5 pizzas.
each person gets 5/6 slice of the pizza
Group 4 Paul, Alex, Chris, Jughead, Archie, Reggie, Mr. Wotherspoon and Midge share 7 pizzas.
each person gets 7/8 slices each
How much pizza does each student get in the different groups?

Which group gets the largest portion of pizza?
group 4 gets the largest portion of pizza.
Show how you found your answer in 2 different ways.

What strategies did you use in finding your answer.

Show your answer is 2 different ways.

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