Sunday, October 21, 2007

Angel's First Growing Post

If you shade in 1/4 on a clock you get fifteen minutes and when you plus it with 7/12 which will give you 10 minutes it will equal 50/60.

When you shade in 1/2 it will give you thirty minutes and if you shade in 1/6 on the clock it will give you ten minutes which will equal 1/6.

I think that 1/4 + 7/12 is bigger.

ANGEL's Bikerace!

I think it was good because it was fun to play and it actually teaches you too. It's about a grandpa hiding at a fractional distance. The number of parts is the denominator of the fraction. You have to guess the numerator of the fractional distance where grampy is hiding. It's a fun guessing game.

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