Saturday, October 20, 2007

Danica's First Growing Post

1/4 and 7/12 is bigger because it = to 50/60 and the other one = 40/60

This is my poster for the fund-raisier.We colour coded each thing so it would be esy ot reconize. We did our math using clocks. What we did was it was 60km and a clock is 60 minutes so it is just the same. Then we divided it by the #it needed e.x 60/3=20, 60/6=10, 60/12=5.The pattern i noticed was they would land on each other every time it was 10,20,30,40,50,60 but only some of them. they would not all land on the same one.

I liked this game because it was fractions with pizza and i like pizza. It was an easy game but it still helps you if you don't know fractions. It is a remainder game e.x if you had 10 pieces of pizza and i eat 5 how much are left (5)

Two different ways to find a quartre are: 16/4=4 and 16 copped in half is 8 then 8 in half is 4 ther is a quartre. Two different ways to find 3/4 of a number are: 16/4=4 then 3 groups of four = 12 and 16 is xhalf of it is 8 then add four and it 's 12 which is 3/4 of 16

Which is bigger 2/3 or 3/4?

3/4 is bigger becaus eit equals to 45/60 and the other one equials to 40/60


Danica16 said...

I think i did good. Here are my marks
Title: 1/1
Label: 1/1
Question 3: 5/5
Question 4: 5/5 3/3
Question 6: 4/5
Question 7: 3/3
Question 8: 4/5
Question 9: 5/5
Question 10: 7 /7
I liked my pictures

kiahna 8-16 said...

i think that she did the clock good because she did the picture like you asked her to
i think she could have done better on question the 16/4 =4 she could have explianed her answer a little more.
the marks i gave her were:
title 1
lable 1
Q3 5
Q4 5 3
Q6 4
Q7 3
Q8 4
Q9 5
Q10 7