Sunday, October 28, 2007

Angel's First Growing Post

1.Which fraction is bigger? 1/2 + 1/6 + 1/4 + 7/12
To compare them I used the clocks and i added the minutes for 1/2+1/6 and 1/4+1/5.

1/2 = 30 minutes in 60 minutes /because its half
1/6 = 10 minutes in 60 minutes /60 divided by 6 30 minutes + 10 minutes = 40 minutes.

1/4 = 15 minutes in 60 minutes / to get this answer you divide 60 by 4.

7/12 = 35 minutes in 60 minutes / to get this answer you divide 60 by 12

15 minutes + 35 minutes = 50 minutes
1/4 and 7/12 is bigger by ten .

2.Tell us 2 things about your bike race.
Angel's and Tasha's Bike Race

1. We used clocks and division to solve the questions.

2. We used different colors to tell where all the stops are at.

6. Do a google search for fraction games. Find a good site and write a review of the game. Tell everyone what is good about this site.
This fraction game was really fun it's an arcade kind of game.

All levels explain how to do fractions for diagrams, equivalent fractions, fractions equivalent to decimals and percentages, equivalent ratios and simplified ratios.

7. Go back to your picture of the bike race. Tell us all about how you calculated the Km positions at a twelfth, sixth and a third. did you see any patterns?

For 12th we divided it by sixty which equals five for sixth we divided it by sixty and it equals 20. the pattern that i noticed was that some of them landed on the same spot.

8. What are 2 different ways to find a quarter and 3/4 of a number. Use one of the following 16, 22, or 110.

16, You have to divide 1/4 by four because 1/4 is 1 piece of four equal parts, 16/4=4 you will get this answer if you multiply 4x4 because it will give you the answer 16. Multiply 1/4 by 3 to find out what 3/4 of a number is. So 4x3=12 and 12 is 3/4 because 1/4 is 4 and 4x4=16.

SORRY! I don't know what to do for number nine because I haven't done the test! I'll post when I do it.

10) Mark your own Growing post and one other persons growing post. Use the following guide. Paste it in as a comment. Be honest. You may mark a persons work from another room. You may not mark a person's post that has already had a person mark it. Look before you comment.

Scoring Guide
Title /1
Label /1
Question 3 /5
Question 4/5 /3
Question 6 /5
Question 7 /3
Question 8 /5
Question 9 /5
Question 10 /7

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