Monday, October 1, 2007

How do you share 17 subs between 22 people?

Please leave a comment behind at your class blog. What did these people do right and what would you change.

In your comment please talk about

  • fractions show division
  • the size of the whole matters
  • friendly and unfriendly fractions


Chantel said...

i Think Everyone Divided It Right. Its Just Beacuase They Weren't Friendly Numbers That Some People Had Left Overs Or Really Small
Cuts. I Don't Think I Would Change Anything.

Fractions Show Division:
1/2= 0.5
3/4= 0.75
5/8= 0.625
Even Mixed Or Improper Fractions Show Division
Mixed: 1 1/2= 1.05
Improper: 22/12=1.83 ( The Three Is Repeated)

The Size Of The Whole Matters:
The Size Of The Whole Matters Beacuse If You Divide 1/2 And Both Of The Wholes Are Different Sizes.
Of Course You Are Going To Want The Half With The Bigger Hole.

Friendly And UnFriendly Fractions:
I would say 5/10 Would be a friendly fraction Because it easy to divide. (example: If Your Dividing A Sub Its Easy)
Also 1/2 Would Be A Friendly Fraction.
Some Unfriendly Fractions Would Be 17/22 Because wetired to divide 22 subs for 17 people and the pieces were small or left overs.

emily 8-16 =) said...

I think everyone divided right and they weren't very friendly numbers and some people had left over pieces or small piecies!

Fractions show division:
1/3 = 0.3(the three repeates)
2/4 = 0.5
1/2 = 0.5
Even Mixed and or Improper Fractions show division
Mixed: 1 2/4 = 1.5
Improper: 20/10 = 2

The size matters because if you divide 1/2, both the wholes are different sizes.

I think 1-2 is a friendly faction, because it is easy to divide. and I think 10/20 is a friendly fraction. I think 17/22 because on the sub thingy that we had to do we ethier had left over or there were small pieces left over.

jasminerose 8-16 said...

i like number four because its more easier and less cuts scince you only have a spoon. ;;

you got to divide the nummerator by the denomantor to get a quotient, but it never ever works when you use an improper fraction

#2 . a size of a whle does matter because 1/5 is only part of a whole, while 5 8/10 is one whole number including a small piece.

#3 . a friendly number is an easy number or fraction that dont reapeat for example 2/4 = 0.5 on the other hand a unfriendly is when the number after the decimal doesnt repeat. for example : 1/3 0.33333333333333333 etc. :)

Drea said...

I think everyone did a good job dividing the pieces,but some of the numbers were un friendly.Most people got left overs or thier pieces were cut really small. I don't think I would change anything.

Fractions Show Division:
3/4= 0.75
5/10= 0.5
2/6= 0.3 ( The three is repeated)
Improper and Mixed Fractions also show division.
Improper: 22/12= 1.83 ( The Three is Repeated)
Mixed: 1 3/4= 1.75

The Size of the Whole Matters:
The size of the whole matters beacause when you are comparing a fraction they both have to have an equal whole. If the wholes are different it will be uneven.E.g- If the wholes are different sizes and you divide by 1/2 you will obviously want the bigger whole.

Friendly And Un Friendly Fractions:
4/8 I would say is a friendly fraction because it easily divides. It is also half of eight so it makes it easier.
An un friendly number would be 17/22 because when you divide it between 22 people and 17 subs there will be left overs.

kiahna16 said...

i think everyone did a good job and i wouldn't change anything because there are friendly and unfriendly numbers so that would leave you with small pieces and left overs.

fractions show division:
1/2= 0.5

improper works too
5/2= 2.5

The size of a whole matters:

Yes it does matter.Would you rather have a small half of a sub or the big have of the sub. You chose?

Friendly and unfriendly fractions:
Here are sme examples of friendly and unfriendly fractions.
A friendly fraction 2/4 it is easy to divide and there are no repeating #'s the answer is 0.5.

An example of a unfriendly fraction would be 17/22 beacuse it is still easy to divide but there are repeting #'s that could make it confusing. The answer is 0.7727. (27 repeting)

Danica16 said...
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"JORDAN 8-16 said...

Everyone divided it right. But they didn't use friendly numbers and people had really small cuts or stuff left over..

1. Fractions Show Division ~

1/4 = 0.25 you DIVIDE the 1 by the 4 (numerator by denominator)to make a decimal number equal to the fraction.

2. The Size of the Whole Matters ~

I'm not sure if this is going to work ~
_______ ___________
|_1_|_2_| |__1__|__2__|

Which half would you rather have? They're both 1/2 but one is bigger, and that's why the size of the whole matters.

3. Friendly and Unfriendly Fractions ~

1/2 vs. 3/7
It's easy to see that 1/2 is 0.5 already.. but you'd probably need a calculator to figure out what 3/7 is in a decimal number. Friendly numbers are easy to work with like 1/2 is half, so 1/2 of 4 is 2. But 3/7 of 4 = ??? It's not easy to work with.


Danica16 said...

I think everyone did a good job because 17/22 is an unfriendly number.It was hard not to have to cut the subs up into little pieces so everyone got an even amount.

Fractions show division:

yes because 1/2 is 1 divided by 2 which equals 0.5.It also works for improper and mixed fractions.

Size of a whole matters:

size does matter in a whole because if you were comparing 1/2 and another 1/2 it wouldn't be fair if one was tiny and the other was huge.

Friendly and unfriendly fractions:

1/2 is a friendly number because it is easy to divide, just cut something in the middle and you have two pieces for two people.1/2= 0.5 which is 50% of a whole.

17/22 is an unfriendly number because it is easy to divide on a calculator but if you had 17 subs and 22 people you would have to cut the sub into 22 little pieces ands everyone would get a little piece of each sub.17/22=0.7727( the 27 repeats).

Nathaniel 8-16 said...

I think it was divided the right way. But since it was an unfriendly number. And you had a rusty spoon. That was the best way to cut it since u cant make lots of cuts with a rusty spoon.

Fractions show division -

Fractions do show division like
2/4 = Half. 2 divided by 4 = 0.5 Which is a half. With improper fractions it works the same way. 5/2 = Two and a half. 5 divided by 2 = 2.5 = Two and a half.

The size of the whole matters -

When you are comparing two fractions, the size of the whole matters. It matters because if there was two objects like submarine sandwiches and one was -
_________ _____________
| | | | | |
|____|____| |______|______|

1/2 1/2

Of course you would want the bigger
one that has a bigger whole.

Friendly and Unfriendly fractions -

I think that friendly fractions would be fractions that are easy to show and divide into an object like
1/2 is easy because its just one slice down the center. 2/5 would be easy also. An unfriendly fraction would be a fraction like 13/27 because its hard to show and, with a number like that, you would probably need a calculator to see the size of each equal piece would be.

vina8-16 said...

At the end, each group had left overs. But everyone tried their best to solve it.

fractions show division:
proper fraction, improper fractions and mixed fraction shows division.
ex: proper: 1/2=0.5
improper: 10/9=1.11111.....
mixed: 1 2/4= 1.05

size of the whole matters:
it matters because if you divide 2 subs into half but one of them is bigger than the other. Of course you would want the bigger piece.

friendly and unfriendly fractions:
1/2 would be my example for friendly number because u could easily divide anything with that fraction and 17/22 is my unfriendly number because even if you use a calculator it would give you a very difficult answer.

''Romulo''8-16 said...

I think everyone did a good job on trying to explain how much each person got but there was usually a piece/pieces leftover. They turned it to 3/4 because 0.772(72 reapeating) is close to 0.75. Since there was 0.22(reapeating) left there'd be no point in cutting it up to 22 pieces again since you got a crappy cutting utensil from the dump. There'd probably always be something leftovcer over in a repating number because it would be hard to divide reapeating numbers into equal parts.

Fractions show division because when u divide the numerator by the denominator it will always equal a decimal no matter what, even if its an improper,proper or mixed.

The size of the whole always matters because if you have a half of a 6 inch sub sandwich and you had half of a 14 inch sandwich which would you rather choose? Half of the 6 inch or half of the 14 inch? It wouldn't be fair if you and a friend halfed the 14 inch sandwich than another gruop of two people halfing the six inch. The other group would be comlaining because you and your friend halfed a way bigger one.

A friendly fraction is a fraction you can divide eqaully, show easily with pictures and if you turn it to a decimal it won't be a repeating number. A unfriendly fraction is the exact opposite of a friendly fraction.
An example of a friendly fraction is 1/2 because it is 0.5 simple as that just two numbers and a decimal.
An example of an unfriendly fraction is a fraction like 1/3 which is 0.3(repeating).That's unfriendly because the number is a repeating decimal(0.33333333333..........) and it would go on forever until you died or until you stopped adding 3s. It's also unfriendly because it would be hard to divide equally between people. That's why so many people had trouble with 17/22 because it was an unfriendly number and it was hard to divide exactly equally between the people. So no matter what people would still be complaining.

''Romulo''8-16 said...

LOL I think I made mine too long. Sorry If it's too long. My bad

david.8.16* said...

i think that everyone did numerator divided by denominator and got 0.77272727272 which isnt really a friendly number. So we made it into a friendlier number like 0.75 which is 3/4. The 0.02 we left out counts because if we added that to each person we would get all of the subs equally divided.

1. Fractions do show devision so then 5/10 is the same as 5 divided by 10 which would equal 0.5. All fractions show division and equal a decimal less than 1, unless the numerator is larger than the denominator ( 10/5 ) or is it's a mixed fraction (1 5/10).
1/2=1 DividedBy 2 = 0.5
1/4=1 DividedBy 4 = 0.25

2.Of course it matters. They need to be when your comparing fractions, say if your comparing 5/10 HUGE pieces, and 6/10 tiny, tiny chunks. that would be unfair! So the size of the whole matters.

3.What would you rather deal with, 7/13 or 1/2? The 1/2 would probably be more friendly because if you tried getting the decimal, you would probably get a rwepeating decimal for one and a 0.5 for the other. When people see unfriendly fractions, they like to make them more simpler so they dont have to do much more work.
7/14 = 1/2